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Hi, we are CloudLink

Our Story.

We are a TelCo service provider and licensed reseller of the most highly trusted vendors on the field.

Our dream is to make the best and most profitable solution accessible to each of our clients! Furthering their scope of services as they grow!

More About Us.

Established in 1996 CloudLink is gaining more access on the Telco market at the East Meditarean. Our seasoned stuff and our extended network of partners are always on site to intergrate, manage and solve any situation that arises.

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Need a great reliable web hosting? We highly recommend SimpleIT. Powerful web and Wordpress hosting. Guaranteed.

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What We Do.

We get our hands dirty when a telecommunications integration is most needed. Providing sutable solutions like DOCSIS, Relays and Server room rack wonders by the best vendors on the market.

Hospitality Services & Equipment Integrations

If you manage hospitality units and you are in need for better Telecommunications Services like IP TV,IP TELEPHONY, Internet POS, CCTV, Network Security or a total upgrade of previous implementations...
CloudLink is your place to be!
We will strategize and carve up your intergration path in your best interest!

IT Infrastructure and Administration

We excel in setting up equipement tailored for your needs! With every hardware intergration we have an arsenal of administrative and security apps to streamline your work processes.

Web Design

Are you in need of a website for your niche? Our team got you covered. We are specialized in all standarized technologies and also in custom solutions to meet your demands. Our seasoned specialists we'll tailor web experiences to further enhance your brand, boost your sales & bookings and further grow your web presence.


Same goes for E-Commerce platforms! Be it Retail or B2B services, our developers will make a webstore for your products and digital services to reach customers across your country of origin and beyond. As said above we'll use standarised and custom solutions according to your needs!

Get in Touch.

You can always reach us to further answer any question!

Where to Find Us

Machis Kritis 93,
Iraklio, Crete 713 03 Tel: +30 2811 217 156
Business-Hours: 9:00- 17:00

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